K.will Keds

K.Will And Soyou’s Video

I love this video! K.will‘s emotional and soulful voice is so moving, and I can see why he might usually sing sad ballads, but it’s so nice to hear a cheerful song from him! I love this happy number: Day 1. The video is so sweet and has a rewarding story!

Too bad they don’t let K.Will be in his own MV lol. Maybe he gets nervous on camera? He has a beautiful voice, though, and he just lets the pretty boys do they video while he blows us away with his singing.

Korean Outfits I Like

I love Korean high school-inspired outfits, and the female lead (Soyou of Sistar) in this mv was wearing some cute red shoes that caught my eye. If you pause it at 1:31 you can see they’re red Keds with plaid laces. I did some combing through the internet, and (to my great excitement :P) found the same pair!

Get them below, and then share your own cute confession stories with us!

Click to get Soyou’s shoes!

Women's 'Champion Triple' Sneaker in RedSoyou's Keds in Day 1 by K.Will Kpop shoes

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Apink’s NoNoNo Dance MV Look

Apink Dresses

The other day I received a request from Lyde for fashion finds from Apink’s NoNoNo dance mv. (Thanks for your request, Lyde! :)) This song is so catchy, and the dance so charming, that we still receive style requests for various versions and performances nearly a year after this song first appears on the charts! Here are some some items I found that can help you achieve the ever-popular NoNoNo look, this time, from the official dance version!

white dress


White Sailor Dress



Amazon (Rockability)


Amazon (Tokyo Fashion)



Pale Pink Shoes










Other Apink Fashion

While we’re on the subject, here’s a list of my past posts that deal with this song, just in case you haven’t seen them:

Updated Nonono Video

I updated the video today as it seems like the old video I have of the Dance MV was taken down or something. I have posted another video of their dance version of No No No for you to compare their clothes in the video to what you see here on this site.

This has been one of our more popular kpop clothing fashion finds. A Pink is one of my fav groups and they’re videos are always so cute. For more pretty outfit ideas, see our other posts and see our home page to view all our posts about fashion, and everything kpop – http://kpopfashion.net/

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