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The above buttons link to some articles of mine on kpop fashion outfits as well as some of my favorite places to pick up the latest styles. Click here to see my article on Korean dresses and outfits.

If you are more into specific groups’ style, we have that, too.

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To give you a taste of what you can expect, see our EXO merchandise post where we showcase EXO phones, shirts, hoodies, and plenty of other band merch from this supergroup. There’s a lot of great merchandise in that post, so be sure to check it out.

Or if BTS is more your style, we made a post where we talk all about notebooks, shirts, and plenty of other BTS merchandise.

One of they best ways you can show your support to your favorite group is to buy their merchandise. It not only looks great on you and helps you connect with other people who like the band. Ever see somewhere wearing a t shirt with your favorite band and you know immediately you have something in common? Additionally, buying merchandise from your favorite group help support their music (because you paid for it) and it helps promote them too (because you’re wearing their name on you!).

If you’re lost, by the way, check out our home page to get started with korean clothing.

2019 Kpop Fashion Awards Winners

The winner for best women’s 2019 is…!

Women’s Fashion

  • yes style kpop

While there are some great stores out there, none of them compare to YesStyle’s selection and the amazing deals they offer. They feature flash sales of up to 80% off. With a fantastic selection of Korean clothing (including a big selection of dresses) and fashion, you can be sure that if you’ve seen your favorite kpop star wear it, you’ll find it on this site.

Congratulations YesStyle! And, thank you for always having the Korea fashion we’re looking for.

To see their current selection and deals, visit YesStyle’s womens selection here: Best Women’s: YesStyle. Or, check out the  Yesstyle Mens Korean Fashion Section!

Men’s Fashion

Here’s the scoop:

You can find Korean style men’s fashion a lot of places online, but nowhere has the quality and satisfaction guarantee that Yesstyle does.

Just take a look at the reviews of the products. 4.5 stars out of 5 for 163 reviews for the WIZIKOREA hooded pullover. There are many imitations of this awesome jacket online, but Yesstyle brings it to you with fantastic quality at a reasonable price of $33.  This is just one example of how they go above and beyond in terms of quality.

Besides that, the vast selection provides more than enough choices for even the most avid kpop fans.

To see their current hottest items visit their men’s kpop clothing selection here: Best Men’s: YesStyle


The winner for the best of Korean beauty goes to…!

Since Amazon sells so many things, we’ve found that this has drawn the attention of many sellers of Korean beauty products. You can find authentic Korean beauty items on Amazon that you won’t find anywhere else. Combine that with Prime membership (which is $100, but they let you try for 3 months free) and you have your one-stop-shop for your Korean beauty needs.

suzy modeling korean beauty products

But, you can read more about this in one of our previous articles: – Best of Korean Beauty. In this article we go over some of our top beauty picks including skin care, makeup, and hair care. These are all authentic Korean products available to you on Amazon.


Our 2017 winner for best place to get kpop light sticks… YesAsia! Lightsticks are a must for any kpop concert. This is especially true now with the coordination features that come with the new light sticks that create a one of a kind experience for a concert you’ll never forget.

Read our article here for more details.

kpop fans at a concert with their lightsticks and other merchandise

Lightsticks – EXO Ver 2.0, BTS Army Bomb, and more


The 2017 winner for best jewelry from kpop and korean dramas… eBay! You can find sellers, although mostly in China, that make replicas of famous jewelry from your favorites Kdramas. You’ll need some accessories to go with your kpop clothing.

Jewelry from Korean Dramas


Our 2017 winner for best Korean beauty box is Memebox! Check ourt our reviews and top picks for Korean beauty boxes in our article here:


EXO Shirts

Do you like EXO? They are SMTown’s hottest boy band right now in kpop, so chances are if you’re on this site, then you love EXO too!

So, you want to check out some EXO shirts, then? We can divide our article into 2 categories: EXO fan merchandise shirts and the shirts that EXO members wear themselves.

EXO Fan Shirts

To begin with, we’ll start with the EXO fan shirts. These are the shirts that say EXO on them and are not really something they wear themselves. It is more something to identify you as a fan of the group. There are a lot of there and are great for wearing to concerts. You can get these at YesAsia, and find lots of nice selection there.

Here’s a baseball Style shirt with Baek Hyun’s name on the back.

baek hyun exo shirt baseball style

Shirts EXO Wears

If you are more interested in actually dressing like EXO you can find some of the fashion online, too. Even though they’re boys their EXO members’ shirts can look good on girls, too. The baggy shirt look is a nice casual style I like a lot. It shouldn’t be too baggy, otherwise it’ll look weird.  You can wear it with anything as long as the colors go well together. I like to pair mine with skinny jeans and combat boots, or in the summer with shorts and sneakers.

Tying the Shirt

You can also tie the shirt around your waist to remind everyone that you’re a girl. You don’t need to expose any of your stomach when you tie it, although you can if you want to. Tying the shirt to wear it hangs just around the waistline of your jeans or shorts helps it look a lot nicer. It can look kind of sloppy if the bottom of the shirt hangs too low, so this fixes that problem.

Wearing the Shirt with a Dress

Another way to wear the EXO shirt is with a dress. For this to work, the shirt has to be more neutral and not draw too much attention to itself, or else it will be too busy and not look good. But, if you have a nice monochromatic or simpler fan shirt, you can put on a dress over it and it’ll look cute like that too. This will let you wear a dress that is maybe too revealing otherwise. With the shirt underneath, it’s suddenly something your mom won’t bother you about.

Where to Get Them

Overall there are lots of places you can find nice EXO shirts online. Even Amazon has stuff now because EXO is just so popular all over the world.

YesAsia, like I mentioned earlier and YesStyle are great sites to check out. They not only have kpop clothes and merchandise but they also have general Korean style stuff. This includes clothes, beauty, and DVDs. They have mostly everything you would want to buy related to kpop. I recommend you check them out.

What’s Great About Kpop

It’s great to be able to appreciate music from around the world. Kpop is definitely one of my favorite genres of music and the kpop fashion that goes along with it just makes it more fun. You can immerse yourself more in the world of kpop when you have great merchandise, clothing items, and inspiration for your own life. Kpop songs tend to have a good message about working hard for your dreams and never giving up and that really speaks to me. I know that not all kpop music is like that, but it’s a style that I’m glad everyone around the world can appreciate.

If you have any question or comments about my EXO shirts article, feel free to leave them below. I love to hear from my readers and share things we have in common. And, if you’re reading this we already know we’re both kpop lovers so we already have that!

Make Your Own EXO Shirt

If you’re really on a budget you can make your own! Here’s a youtube tutorial on how to make your own fan shirt:

More Kpop Fashion

Korean Outfit

I love my new Korean outfit!

Korea has some of the nicest clothing and fashion, in my opinion. I want to share with you my favorite outfit that I see all over Korea. I wanted to have a full outfit that matched what I have in mind for my “kpop look”, so rather that one thing here and one thing there, I decided to pick one specific look that just screams “Korea” and do it from top to bottom.

As I continue do do more shopping and find more items, I can always add more. But I wanted to get started on the right foot and have one outfit where everything goes together and is complete. I can’t stand having just one or two items that fit a particular style, but I never wear them because I don’t have the anything to wear it with. You can’t wear just one article of clothing. It has to be part of a full outfit. So, rather than having things hang in my closet forever until I give up on them, I got the whole look all at once, and I didn’t stop until I had it all!

Okay, so now I’ll describe to you, from head to toe, what my favorite Korean outfit is.

Hat – Beret

One of the most Korean-style headwear I can think of is a beret. I suppose it may be considered French, but the Korean fashionistas have definitely appropriated it as their own. You see all the kpop stars wearing them. I think it’s a bit more of a feminine look, too, since I don’t see many boys wearing them. They are cute in how they flop over to the side and adds a little asymmetry to your look.

Here’s a red one, but I personally like black the best.

berets that kpop stars wear to complete their outfits

Top – Turtleneck Sweater

There’s something very cozy about a turtleneck sweater. I really like a blush color as it goes well with my skin tone, You have to pick out a color that works well for you. The turtleneck shapes your face and makes it look smaller, which is considered very attractive in Korea. Many times you’ll hear people comment about how a Korean star’s “face is so small!”. It’s definitely a good thing!

The sweater should reach to your wrists or a little longer. It shouldn’t be shorter than your wrists because it just make you look like your arms are too long and you’re wearing clothes that you’ve grown out of. It’s not a good look :p

I think it looks cute when the sleeves are a little long. It makes you look cute and dainty. Korean clothes are really into making the girl look small and pretty, so this work right along with that.


long sleeve pink turtleneck sweater

Bottom – Plaid Pleated Skirt

You can’t wear this if it’s going to be too cold, but my favorite thing to go with all of the items listed above are a simple brown plaid pleated skirt that flares out a bit. When the skirt flares out it makes your waist look smaller. Plaid goes well with a lot of different styles, so you can wear it with other tops, even non-Korean styles. It almost looks like a school-girl look, but not really. I think it just makes you look youthful.

Shoes- Mary Janes

I already had the shoes that I wanted to wear with this outfit, so that was great. I think it looks great with some standard black or white Mary Janes. They go with literally everything, so they obviously go well with this, too. You can wear these with our without socks.

I think it looks cute either way.

mary jane shoes go with every outfitmary janes with socks

The little buckle and strap make it look a little bit more cutesy that regular heels and go really well with this outfit.

Korean Outfit All Put Together

So, what does it look like all put together? Here it is! You have the pretty tan beret, a blush long sleeve sweater (I couldn’t find a pic that had a turtleneck with the rest of the outfit), and a brown plaid skirt. You can’t see the shoes in this picture, but I’m sure you can imagine just how cute they look put together with the rest of this totally Korea-worthy outfit! (not me in the picture)

full korean outfit

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