Girl’s Generation Galaxy Supernova Style

Girl’s Generation is back with their brand new dance version video for their eighth Japanese single, Galaxy Supernova! The girls’ colored skinny jeans remind you of their early “Gee” looks, and more recent malt shop setting song “Dancing Queen”, but the silver heels and sparkling crop tops, and futuristic short sleeved jackets remind you that this song has a space-age name. In other parts of the video, the women wore colorful metallic cocktail dresses with what looked like little silver crinolines on top.

Which of the two looks aligns most with your stellar style?

Jessica’s Look from Love&Girls

World known South Korean girl group Girl’s Generation recently performed their new song “Love&Girls” at Universal Studios in Tokyo. (Watch below.) I noticed Jessica wearing her pink skinny pants again. I own a similar pair and love them. They’re playful, fitted, and surprisingly comfortable! Jessica must love hers too, because not only does she wear them here, she sports them in the official music video for “Love&Girls”, and uses them in some live performances of “I Got a Boy”. (Comment if you’ve spotted them elsewhere, too!) Get your own pair of these versatile cuties at the link below.

Did you like Jessica’s polka dot top from the official video, too? It seems the shirt is from Topshop, but I was unable to find it availabe for purchase anywhere anymore. But don’t worry, I’ve posted a similar polka dot crop top below.

The Look: Pink Skinny Pants

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The Look: White Crop Top with Black Polka Dots

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Kpop Summer Aiport Fashion

Kpop summer airport fashion of Jessica, Lizzy, and Gaeun.
Image Source:

Taking off on a trip over summer break? Need some warm weather airport fashion ideas? In the picture above, Jessica of Girl’s Generation, and Lizzy and Gaeun of After School showed off their colorful tastes for summer travel. Our favorite pick was Lizzy’s bright blue skinny pants and clean, billowy, white top.

Summer Airport Fashion of Victoria, E-young, and Taeyeon
Image Source:

Victoria of f(x), E-young of After School, and Taeyeon of Girl’s Generation sport cute and comfortable outfits for summer airport treks.

Park Ha Sun and Qri of T-ara, and Son Dam Bi in summer airport fashion.
Image Source:

Park Ha Sun and Qri of T-ara, and Son Dam Bi couple shorts with airy tops. Ha Sun’s dark leather boots contrast well with the clean white flowing shirt and even match her dark locks. Qri looks cozy for a long airplane ride in her knit sweater, but her shorts and glossy fawn heels keep her cool for outdoor transit. Dam Bi too can dress for the weather, while still looking trendy with her black and tan wedges.

Which was your favorite look? Be sure to let us know in the comment section!

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