An Analysis of Lady Spring

Park Bom's Airport Outfit Park Bom's Airport Fashion Park Bom with Short Hair Park Bom with Pretty Makeup Park Bom with Pretty Makeup and Short Hair Park Bom on the Couch rocking that kpop fashion Bom, a member of the South Korean band 2NE1, poses for a portrait in New York

Park Bom is known for her unique vocals and her style. People have tried to imitate her fashion, hair, makeup and even nails.

Park Bom’s Style

Bom style is quite simple in a very eye catching way. Her outfits consist of mini dresses, killer heels, a few chunky accessories and her bold eyeliner. She wears famous brands such as Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Versace and Balmain straight off the runway. Her casual and airport fashion are both simple but again have details that make the outfit funky. Bom loves to show her amazing legs and elongates them by wearing an outfit that is usually cut short, and on those occasions when she wears long korean dresses or skirts then they normally have a high slit.

In addition to her clothes she flashes very elaborate nails. Her designs range from colorful to blinged out in crystals. Her nails don’t normally have the same design; each one will follow with the same theme.

Bom has kept her bangs since debut and switched between straight and curly hair. Adding a braid or two and pulling some back was the usual until she cut her hair which is currently dyed back to a natural color of dark brown.

Tights seem to be her airport fashion favorite along with her over-sized Chanel sunglasses. Pairing shorts with flashy tights underneath give her normal outfit a touch of her 8D personality.

With her trendy outfits and baby skin Lady Spring has all captured our hearts.

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Bo Na’s HEIRS Episode 2 Look

So it seems that Lee Min Ho’s new drama HEIRS crashed Drama Fever last night. My nampyeon and I were ready to watch Episode 5 minutes after it came out on Wednesday night, but apparently thousands of other fans were watching as well, and it continuously paused to buffer.

We finally decided to take in our nightly dose of Running Man a little early instead. Last night, I was curious as to what would happen when Episode 6 arrived, so I visited the site. It was down. HEIRS, you will go down in history as a server-overloading wonder. Also, if you haven’t check out our hanbok post, check it out here. They wear hanbok later in the series and this will show you where you can buy your own hanbok online.

Fashion Find from Heirs

Speaking of knock-outs, (forgive me for this post being so corny,) f(x)’s Krystal Jung is doing a great job of playing her character in HEIRS: Lee Bo Na. My oppa came a little late into what is available of the series, so I introduced Bo Na as “Chan Young’s annoying girlfriend”.

But as we watched the ensuing episodes, he didn’t really agree with my description. Now that I think of it, she is slowly developing as a character that there’s more to, and my irritation at her possessiveness is evolving into admiration of her adoration of Chan Young. Her activeness in her school and other endeavors is also impressive. We’ll see what she’ll bring us in future episodes…

Despite my rambling, this is a Fashion Find! Below, you’ll find an outfit of Bo Na’s from Episode 2, during an important scene where (MILD SPOILER ALERT) she calls Chan Young to ask him to look at his SNS, which leads him to discover Eun Sang’s message for help.

Lee Bo Na in HEIRS Ep 2 Red Sweater Fashion find

The Look: Lee Bo Na in HEIRS Episode 2

Get the Look:

There you have it! You can rock the red sweater, checkered trousers, watch, and shoes just like Lee Bo Na in episode 2 of Heirs. I hope you’re looking forward to seeing episode 3 as much as I am!

Here’s a video of some cute clips from the show of Lee Bo Na and Chan Young.

What’s your favorite outfit from HEIRS so far?

G-Dragon’s Crayon Sunglasses

Last year’s “Crayon” is still my favorite G-Dragon song. If you need a boost of energy, just blast this song, it never fails! G-Dragon rocked a lot of crazy, colorful styles in his video for “Crayon”, but for this Find, we’ll focus in on a couple pairs of wild shades! He wore two pairs of Brodie Sunglasses by Neff, pictured below. First we saw him with the white pair, and then with the static. He’s worn them during performances, and other activities as well. They’re still available in stores online, and you can get them here! Get your sunglasses, and then get your crayon!

G-Dragon in Crayon wearing Neff white Brodie Sunglasses

G-Dragon in Crayon wearing Neff static Brodie Sunglasses

G-Dragon with Neff White Brodie Sunglasses

G-Dragon Performing with Neff Brodie Static Sunglasses

Teen Top’s Walk By Fashion

One of our awesome readers recently shared the above performance video, and was wondering where you could find the monster tops L.Joe and Ricky were wearing. It turns out they’re from Daniel Palillo, and you can find them below. In searching, I also came across Changjo’s top, so I went ahead and listed it as well for anyone interested. It’s actually a dress! But as Changjo showed, it can double as a guy shirt, and it looks great!

L.Joe: Daniel Palillo Three Eyed Monster Oversized T-Shirt

Ricky: Daniel Palillo Screaming Monster Hoodie

Changjo: Daniel Palillo Melted Spike Dress (or shirt :P)

Which Teen Top member is wearing your favorite outfit?

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