Official Dance Version of Sunshine by Rainbow

Enjoy the official dance version of Rainbow’s “Sunshine”! I love their sporty layered crop tanks and white tutu skirts! Slip on some white wedge sneakers, too, and your’e set to dance along. :b

Do you prefer dance or original versions of most Kpop videos?

6/6/14 Update:

After receiving another request related to this song, I decided to try hunting for the fashion from this dance version again. Here’s what I found that you could substitute for Rainbow’s items.

Crop Top: Bella Flowy Tank (Updated find 11/1/15 since the previous items sold all out!)
You could add a red tank underneath, or sew some red trim, and add an iron-on number and you’d really be “Sunshine” similar!

White Tutu Skirt: Ali Express 3-Layer Organza Skirt

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