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Do you like EXO? They are SMTown’s hottest boy band right now in kpop, so chances are if you’re on this site, then you love EXO too!

So, you want to check out some EXO shirts, then? We can divide our article into 2 categories: EXO fan merchandise shirts and the shirts that EXO members wear themselves.

EXO Fan Shirts

To begin with, we’ll start with the EXO fan shirts. These are the shirts that say EXO on them and are not really something they wear themselves. It is more something to identify you as a fan of the group. There are a lot of there and are great for wearing to concerts. You can get these at YesAsia, and find lots of nice selection there.

Here’s a baseball Style shirt with Baek Hyun’s name on the back.

baek hyun exo shirt baseball style

Shirts EXO Wears

If you are more interested in actually dressing like EXO you can find some of the fashion online, too. Even though they’re boys their EXO members’ shirts can look good on girls, too. The baggy shirt look is a nice casual style I like a lot. It shouldn’t be too baggy, otherwise it’ll look weird.  You can wear it with anything as long as the colors go well together. I like to pair mine with skinny jeans and combat boots, or in the summer with shorts and sneakers.

Tying the Shirt

You can also tie the shirt around your waist to remind everyone that you’re a girl. You don’t need to expose any of your stomach when you tie it, although you can if you want to. Tying the shirt to wear it hangs just around the waistline of your jeans or shorts helps it look a lot nicer. It can look kind of sloppy if the bottom of the shirt hangs too low, so this fixes that problem.

Wearing the Shirt with a Dress

Another way to wear the EXO shirt is with a dress. For this to work, the shirt has to be more neutral and not draw too much attention to itself, or else it will be too busy and not look good. But, if you have a nice monochromatic or simpler fan shirt, you can put on a dress over it and it’ll look cute like that too. This will let you wear a dress that is maybe too revealing otherwise. With the shirt underneath, it’s suddenly something your mom won’t bother you about.

Where to Get Them

Overall there are lots of places you can find nice EXO shirts online. Even Amazon has stuff now because EXO is just so popular all over the world.

YesAsia, like I mentioned earlier and YesStyle are great sites to check out. They not only have kpop clothes and merchandise but they also have general Korean style stuff. This includes clothes, beauty, and DVDs. They have mostly everything you would want to buy related to kpop. I recommend you check them out.

What’s Great About Kpop

It’s great to be able to appreciate music from around the world. Kpop is definitely one of my favorite genres of music and the kpop fashion that goes along with it just makes it more fun. You can immerse yourself more in the world of kpop when you have great merchandise, clothing items, and inspiration for your own life. Kpop songs tend to have a good message about working hard for your dreams and never giving up and that really speaks to me. I know that not all kpop music is like that, but it’s a style that I’m glad everyone around the world can appreciate.

If you have any question or comments about my EXO shirts article, feel free to leave them below. I love to hear from my readers and share things we have in common. And, if you’re reading this we already know we’re both kpop lovers so we already have that!

Make Your Own EXO Shirt

If you’re really on a budget you can make your own! Here’s a youtube tutorial on how to make your own fan shirt:

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