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Check out the Super Junior Boyfriend Quiz!

Cute Super Junior Wallpaper

Which member of Super Junior is most like your ideal boyfriend? Take the quiz here!

I took it by answering questions according to what I think Oppa is like, and he is most like Leeteuk! ^^~ Then I had him take it and answer the questions according to how he views himself. He ended up getting Eunhyuk, which I also agree with! ^^~ It’s perfect, because we both love Teukie and Eunhyuk!!

Let me know your results in this post’s comment section!

Drama Fever Hallyu Star Makover

Did anyone else enter Drama Fever’s Hallyu Star Makevoer contest? A lot of Kpop fans, including myself, indulge in an occasional K drama. (Or not-so-occasional! ) Last weekend, Oppa and I both submitted pictures to the popular site Drama Fever. Even though we didn’t get chosen for the semi-finalist rounds, it was a lot of fun re-creating these scenes! We had a lot of laughs. I’d also like to thank my dongsaengs Seung-Seung and Min-Hee for their help! For fun, I thought I’d share our entries with you. You can see them below. You can vote on the semi-finalists at by “liking” your favorite pictures. The voting period started Monday, and ends Sunday Jan. 19th at 11:59:59 pm.

If you submitted a scene re-creation, feel free to share it with us so we can post it here and support your entry!

Sam Dong and Hye Mi Kiss Recreation

Goo Jun Pyo's First Night with Jan Di Recreation

Kpop Makeup Tutorial


Part of fashion is the makeup, right? In the vid above, Michelle Phan shows how to do your makeup like a Kpop star, so you can complete your Kpop fashion look.

Here is the list of products Ana used in her video:

Which hallyu star sports your favorite makeup look? Comment below! If you are interested in Korean beauty boxes, you can check out my article on it and get a Memebox coupon.


Congratulations Winners!


I have selected and alerted three winners for our very first giveaway! I wish I could have given all of my daebak subscribers this prize! Thank you to all who took part in it! Don’t worry, though. Even if you didn’t win this time, there just might be another giveaway coming up. ;) Stand by for free Kpop Fashion Finds in your inbox, and on the blog! Thank you again so much for being a supporter of Kpop Fashion!



Kpop Fashion

Kpop Fashion Copy-Cat Challenge

Kpop Fashion Copy-Cat Challenge Schedule

Our friends over at K-World Style just launched a month-long Kpop Fashion challenge! If you think you’d like to take part, check out the details on their Tumblr page.

(Note: On the K-World Style home site, there are some alternative options to the above. See below.)

Alternative Day 2: Leather/ Faux-Leather Day

Alternative Day 4: Got Chainz? Accessories Day

Cute Bow Headbands

Apink in Cute Hair Accessories
IU in a Cute Bow Headband from My Heart Beating by KWill Kaeun in Dal Shabet Promotion with a Star and Disco Ball

Subin Singing in a Blue Bow Headwrap

From top to bottom: APink, IU, Kaeun of Dal Shabet, and Subin of After School.

A common accessory in the world of Kpop fashion is the bunny ear or bow headband or hair wrap. Very popular among young Korean women, they’re viewed as cute and feminine on that side of the world. Think you can pull it off like the stars above? Of course you can! If you want to look Kpop pretty, check out my top ten picks I’ve listed below.

My Top 10 Sexy and Sweet Headbands

Dotty Bow Headband on Model Emma from To February



What: Dotty Bow Headband




Price: $15






City Hunter Headband What: City Hunter Bunny Ears Accessory


Where:  Amazon


Price: $15.29




Assorted Cute Wire Headband Bundle

What: Assorted Cute Wired Headband Bundle

Where: Amazon

Price: $10.50 (Plus Free Shipping and Free Returns!)



Cotton Wired Bow Head WrapWhat: Cotton Wired Bow Head Wrap

Where: Amazon

Price: $8.90 (Only 16 left in stock!)


Red Polka Dot Wire Rabbit Ears

What: Red Polka Dot Wire Rabbit Ears

Where: Amazon

Price: $7.99



Dotted Rabbit Ear Chiffon HeadbandWhat: Dotted Rabbit Ear Chiffon Headband

Where: Amazon

Price: $5.99


Cute Ribbon Chiffon HeadbandWhat: Cute Ribbon Chiffon Headband

Where: Amazon

Price: $5.99


Rabbit Ear Dotted HeadbandWhat: Rabbit Ear Dotted Headband

Where: Amazon

Price: $5.97 (Only 7 left!)


Mint Polka Dot Headband from Forever 21


What: Mint and White Polka Dot Head Wrap (Also available in Watermelon)


Where: Forever 21


Price: $3.80





Navy Blue Polka Dot Head Wrap from Forever 21



What: Knotted Polka Dot Head Wrap


Where: Forever 21


Price: $2.80






Image Sources from top to bottom: APink –, IU –, Kaeun –, Subin –

Kpop Fashion

Kpop Fashion

Welcome to Kpop Fashion!

We help guide you through the world of Kpop fashion. Whether it’s charming feminine dress like you see top Kpop group Girl’s Generation wearing above, manly slim-fitting K drama suits, something to show off your aegyo (Korean word for childish cuteness), dramatic futuristic stage wear, or anything else Kpop, you can check for it here. We provide information on the best stores on the web for purchasing Kpop fashion, and let you know about specials they might be running. We dish on the latest trends in Korea’s world of popular music, from airport wear to sellout concert performer wardrobes.

If you ever have any suggestions or great finds, please don’t hesitate to leave it in a comment. We’d also love to hear what you’d like to see on our site. Check back often for new material, as we’re regularly searching for Kpop fashion related content to post for your enjoyment and benefit. Thank you again for visiting! We hope to see you again soon.


Featured Store

Every so often we will highlight a Kpop fashion shop we like and give you a link so you can check it out for yourself. Today we are featuring:

To February – Specializing in Asian fashion, To February is a great source for Korean and Japanese fashion, drama wear, and Kpop merchandise!


Preview for next post:

Have you ever heard of the Kpop Nature+ Concert? In the video below Kpop girl group Nine Muses struts the runway in chic cold weather wear. Check back soon for more clips and information on this star-studded fashion show.