24HR-KPOP TV and Asianamstyle Clothing Giveaway!

Hello all! To celebrate this year’s KCON, 24HR-KPOP TV is doing a giveaway with their partner Asianamstyle Clothing. They will be selecting two lucky winners for this sweepstakes. Winners will receive one complete outfit of their choice provided by Asianamstyle Clothing. Enter here!


Happy 1st Anniversary Kpop Fashion!

Kara Go Go Summer

Image Source: Kpop-Nation.com

I can’t believe it’s already been a year! Today is very special, not only because it marks the first day of summer, but it also marks the one-year anniversary of my first ever post, here on the Kpop Fashion blog. I also have a special announcement, but I’ll save that for the next post. ;)

I want Kpop Fashion’s second year to be better than ever, so I want to ask you, my lovely readers, to leave lots of comments, either here or via email, and let us know how we can make the Kpop Fashion blog the best it can be. I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you so much for all of your support!


TOP on the Japan Dome Tour

Here’s another requester-inspired Find!

Who: TOP
Where: BIGBANG’s Japan Dome Tour
What: His hat!
Similar Item: Black “Gangster” Hat

Sulli in Rum Pum Pum Pum

Annyeong! Janelle, your personal K-Pop stylist, here. ^^ I have some f(x) Fashion Finds for you! A request came in recently for Sulli’s “Rum Pum Pum Pum” blue and white outfit. After a lot of searching, I’ve finally finished compiling a list of options to get the complete Sulli look! See the similar items below!

Blue Jersey Crop Top (an imitation of the original item, sold out at Topshop):
Ali Express

White Skirt:
1015 Store
Amazon (Ignore the review. The author was being troll-ish just because their size wasn’t available for purchase. (e_e))

Clear Skirt:
American Apparel

Yellow Wrap Necklace:
Find Jewel (yellow)
Find Jewel (orange)

Silver Loop Bracelets:
Harper’s Bazaar

Yellow Earrings:
Etsy (stone)
Etsy (stripe)
Etsy (genuine czech glass)

Nasty Gal
(Thanks to KWorldStyle.com for posting these!)


To finish it off, tie your hair up in a white cord or shoelace, and you’ll look just like Sulli! \^^/

Block B’s Viewer Mission Promise

Screenshot of Block B making a promise to their future viewers.

(Written on April 24, 2014)

Block B just came out with a new reality tv show “5 Minutes Before Chaos”. Have you seen it? It’s first episode took place on April 10th, and includes the boys completing missions and ‘going above and beyond’ what the average idol would do. I haven’t seen it, but I did get to laugh at  some of their funny introductory/promotional videos on Youtube before the show aired. I also saw the above video where one of the members (could you tell me which one he is, please! >_< I’m a Block B beginner! :P) was wearing a very nice black and white leather jacket. It caught my eye, and I found a similar one for women. I think it’s beautiful; chic and adventurous at the same time! Motorcycle tour around Seoul anyone? b(^_^)d  하하 Check it out here!

Apink’s NoNoNo Dance MV Look

The other day I received a request from Lyde for fashion finds from Apink’s NoNoNo dance mv. (Thanks for your request, Lyde! :)) This song is so catchy, and the dance so charming, that we still receive style requests for various versions and performances nearly a year after this song first appeard on the charts! Here are some some items I found that can help you achieve the ever-popular NoNoNo look, this time, from the official dance version!



White Sailor Dress



Amazon (Rockability)


Amazon (Tokyo Fashion)



Pale Pink Shoes











While we’re on the subject, here’s a list of my past posts that deal with this song, just in case you haven’t seen them:

Apink’s Loafers in Mr. Chu


Hi all! I mentioned in our last post that Michelle and I would be posting a reaction video to Apink’s Mr. Chu. Sadly, the audio for the video was not…well, audible! But, I will still be posting on it here and now!

Mini Repon sent us a request for the black and white shoes the members were wearing inside the box on the official mv. So, I’ve hunted down some look-alikes. I know this is a hot look right now, because I had found more options the other week when searching, but today when I re-visited the links they had been sold out! You might want to snatch up these following options while they’re still available!

<3 Janelle



Apink’s Black and White Loafers

Get It:

Sadie Penny Loafers


White Cleated Sole Shoes

Kpop Fashion Welcomes Michelle!

In this video Janelle welcomes Michelle to the Kpop Fashion staff! Learn about her and how she came to know K-Pop, and get some of their thoughts on the fashion!

Note: Sorry for the lower quality everyone! This was our first group video, so we were still figuring out the best setting, equipment, etc. The mic kind of made us sound like we have lisps! ;P Our recording lighting will be better next time, too! Thanks for watching, and thanks for your support of Kpop Fashion! – Janelle

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Seoul Fashion Week: Tiffany

The lovely Tiffany (who is now publicly dating Nichkhun of 2PM! Congrats KhunFany!) attended Seoul Fashion Week March 24th where the Fall/Winter collections of celebrity designers Steve J and Yoni P were showcased. I found the above floral trench Fany is wearing in the designers’ Korean shop online, listed below.

What: Flower Embroidered Trench Coat

Get It: SteveYoniWorld.com

Sujin’s Social Shoes

Sujin of girl group Wa$$up recently posted on her Instagram as well as her Twitter accounts some new shoes! (Thanks to a requester for bringing this to our attention! :)) After some searching, I’m happy to say, we found them!!! ^^ You can buy them here!

Sujin’s Tweet:

Sujin’s Instagram post:

꼬맹이 http://instagram.com/p/l1A64wJiHO/

Paris Coming Coupon

Hi all!

In my City or Country post, I mentioned a product that’s from Paris Coming. As a thank you, they’d like to offer my readers 15% off their next purchase! Just use the code Kpop. It expires May 17th. Also, they ship for free to any location in the world!

Much Sarang! ^^


Exo-M Metal Collar Tips

Exo-M will soon announce a release date for their second mini album entitled “Overdose”. Are you excited as I am? :P Click here to enjoy a highlight medley video that SM released just days ago, and admire how great the boys are looking (and also get a preview of their music. ;P) Then, check out this blog post I found on how to make your own metal collar tips, similar to the ones in this screenshot from the highlight vid. They can jazz up any shirt you already own, and it’s a fun project to do with friends or family. :) Make sure to listen to Exo while making! ^^

City or Country?

What’s Your Style?

2Yoon in their video for 24/7

2Yoon in 24/7 | Image Source: Soompi.com

SNSD Performing Hoot in Cowgirl OutfitsSNSD performing Hoot | Image Source: PhotoBucket.com


4Minute | Image Source: Worldcliphd.com

SNSD | Image Source: Hdwallsource.com

Or City Sleek?

This month has been a big month for me! I arrived home from a trip to Costa Rica with my family (an adventure!), unpacking and then packing again to move into our new home! Oppa and I left our little cabin on the outskirts of town to move into a house in the city, where we’ll live for the next few months or so. Whew! It’s been an exciting time, though, this is the first time we’ve moved since we’ve been married! Urban life is different from rural living, and though I was homesick for the first couple of days, I’m enjoying the change! I realized I like both environments. Connecting this to fashion, I also like both clothing styles. K-pop hasn’t often “gone country”, but I did find a few examples. (See above!) And of course, there are plenty of city style outfits to choose from! Which style do you prefer? Tell us why!

If you favor…

Country Clothing



SNSD’s Cowgirl Style:
White Cowgirl Hat
- Red Western Shirt
Blue Western Shirt
White Shorts
Tan Fringed Boots

City Clothing


4Minute’s Love Tension Look:
Puff Sleeved Button Up Top
Blue Sleeveless Top
Beige High Waist Shorts
Glossy Mary Jane Heels


Khaki Trench Coat
Brown Skirt
J.ESTINA Backpack
Lace Up Ankle Boots

There is Only Super Junior

Super Junior performing Do Re Mi and Siwon's serious face

Girl’s Generation Mr. Mr. Tuxedo Dresses

Check out SNSD’s performance of their new chart-topping song “Mr. Mr.” The performance is from the March 9th episode of Inkigayo on SBS. Who do you think gave the winning performance? You guessed it, Girl’s Generation. Those girls are still stealing the stage after 7 solid years! Enjoy this sample of their talent here, and then, get your hands on one of those classy tuxedo dresses they’re wearing!

Tuxedo Dress Options:

Sexy New Old Style – Vintage!

It’s time to raid your mom and grandma’s wardrobes! You thought all these old clothes should be thrown away? Better not, because among the Kpop girl groups not only is the modern sexy concept popular, but vintage fashion influences more and more of the girls’ outfits.

Watch Spica and Ladies’ Code with their new singles. They show how sexy the new old-style can be. Watch out for pencil dresses and skirts. Wear trousers and skirts with high waistband. Play with colourful prints for one-piece clothes or combine it with a skirt or shirt in one colour. Last but not least, you can’t be wrong if you choose a sailor style. And finally, don’t forget accessories like scarves, neckerchiefs, little hats or headbands.

Do you want some inspiration for Ladies’ Code and Spica’s looks? Here it is:







Tiffany’s Velvet Opera Gloves

Tiffany has a creative look for her photos from Girl’s Generation’s Love and Peace album. One item that stood out to me was the pair of velvet opera gloves she wore. In some pictures they look green, and in others they look teal, so I found both for you. :)Teal:


Get Writing Experience and Support Kpop Fashion!


Looking to gain exposure and experience writing on the internet? Do you love Kpop? We want to hear you! Be a guest writer for Kpop Fashion, and do what you love, as well as support our blog! Just drop me a message to get your posts seen now. As long as it’s at least loosely related to Kpop fashion, we want to read it here. ^^~

Seohyun’s Spiky Headband

Seohyun Wearing a Spiky Headband

You might have seen this popular item on a lot of Kpop artists, including our beloved Seohyun!

Get It:

Seohyun’s Spiky Headband

Check out the Super Junior Boyfriend Quiz!

Cute Super Junior Wallpaper


Which member of Super Junior is most like your ideal boyfriend? Take the quiz here!

I took it by answering questions according to what I think Oppa is like, and he is most like Leeteuk! ^^~ Then I had him take it and answer the questions according to how he views himself. He ended up getting Eunhyuk, which I also agree with! ^^~ It’s perfect, because we both love Teukie and Eunhyuk!!

Let me know your results in this post’s comment section!