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Super Junior performing Do Re Mi and Siwon's serious face

Girl’s Generation Mr. Mr. Tuxedo Dresses

Check out SNSD’s performance of their new chart-topping song “Mr. Mr.” The performance is from the March 9th episode of Inkigayo on SBS. Who do you think gave the winning performance? You guessed it, Girl’s Generation. Those girls are still stealing the stage after 7 solid years! Enjoy this sample of their talent here, and then, get your hands on one of those classy tuxedo dresses they’re wearing!

Tuxedo Dress Options:

Sexy New Old Style – Vintage!

It’s time to raid your mom and grandma’s wardrobes! You thought all these old clothes should be thrown away? Better not, because among the Kpop girl groups not only is the modern sexy concept popular, but vintage fashion influences more and more of the girls’ outfits.

Watch Spica and Ladies’ Code with their new singles. They show how sexy the new old-style can be. Watch out for pencil dresses and skirts. Wear trousers and skirts with high waistband. Play with colourful prints for one-piece clothes or combine it with a skirt or shirt in one colour. Last but not least, you can’t be wrong if you choose a sailor style. And finally, don’t forget accessories like scarves, neckerchiefs, little hats or headbands.

Do you want some inspiration for Ladies’ Code and Spica’s looks? Here it is:



Tiffany’s Velvet Opera Gloves

Tiffany has a creative look for her photos from Girl’s Generation’s Love and Peace album. One item that stood out to me was the pair of velvet opera gloves she wore. In some pictures they look green, and in others they look teal, so I found both for you. :)Teal:


Get Writing Experience and Support Kpop Fashion!

Looking to gain exposure and experience writing on the internet? Do you love Kpop? We want to hear you! Be a guest writer for Kpop Fashion, and do what you love, as well as support our blog! Just drop me a message to get your posts seen now. As long as it’s at least loosely related to Kpop fashion, we want to read it here. ^^~

Seohyun’s Spiky Headband

Seohyun Wearing a Spiky Headband

You might have seen this popular item on a lot of Kpop artists, including our beloved Seohyun!

Get It:

Seohyun’s Spiky Headband

Check out the Super Junior Boyfriend Quiz!

Cute Super Junior Wallpaper

Which member of Super Junior is most like your ideal boyfriend? Take the quiz here!

I took it by answering questions according to what I think Oppa is like, and he is most like Leeteuk! ^^~ Then I had him take it and answer the questions according to how he views himself. He ended up getting Eunhyuk, which I also agree with! ^^~ It’s perfect, because we both love Teukie and Eunhyuk!!

Let me know your results in this post’s comment section!

Yoona’s Blouse on the Prime Minister and I

Have you been watching The Prime Minister and I? The last episode was scheduled to air in Korea last night! SNSD’s very own “face”, Im Yoona, starred in this clever romantic comedy. In the recent episode 6, we see Yoona wearing this star-studded blouse, which you can get from! What do you think of Yoona’s fashion on this drama? Let us know in the comment section!

Get It:

Teen Top in Elle Girl

What: L. Joe’s White BSQT High Tops
Get It: ebay

What: L. Joe’s Black BSQT High Tops
Get It: ebay

As far as I know, the above items are the exact models L. Joe wore in the Elle Girl photo shoot.
Below, I’ve listed some similar items to what Chunji wore so you can achieve a look with a like feel.

What: Chunji’s Gray Hooded Coat
Close Item: ebay

What: Chunji’s Soiled-Look White Pants
Close Item: Farfetch

I See No Difference – Luhan

Luhan and a Cute Dog Have a Similar Perm

Oppa‘s been making memes, again!  ^o^

Sooyoung with Double M Milano

Sooyoung at Incheon Airport with a Double M Milano bag and accessory

Sooyoung was seen ten days ago at the Incheon Airport on her way to Bangkok for the next performance on the Girl’s Generation World Tour. The “cheerful princess” was toting a blue reptile skin bag from Double M Milano, with a cute poofy accessory attached. Sooyoung is a model for the brand in Korea.

What: Double M Tote Bag

Get It: Double Mall

What: Double M Fluffy Two-Tone Accessory

Get It: Double Mall

Exo on SBS Gayo Daejun 2013

Pre-order sweatshirts like Exo’s from the 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun! Here’s the link.

Note: Since I discovered this item, Batch 3 has closed, but Batch 4 will be available from January 25th – February 9th.

Drama Fever Hallyu Star Makover

Did anyone else enter Drama Fever’s Hallyu Star Makevoer contest? A lot of Kpop fans, including myself, indulge in an occasional K drama. (Or not-so-occasional! ) Last weekend, Oppa and I both submitted pictures to the popular site Drama Fever. Even though we didn’t get chosen for the semi-finalist rounds, it was a lot of fun re-creating these scenes! We had a lot of laughs. I’d also like to thank my dongsaengs Seung-Seung and Min-Hee for their help! For fun, I thought I’d share our entries with you. You can see them below. You can vote on the semi-finalists at by “liking” your favorite pictures. The voting period started Monday, and ends Sunday Jan. 19th at 11:59:59 pm.

If you submitted a scene re-creation, feel free to share it with us so we can post it here and support your entry!

Sam Dong and Hye Mi Kiss Recreation

Goo Jun Pyo's First Night with Jan Di Recreation

Our Subscribers on “A Song for You”!

Annyeong my lovely readers! A few months ago, our subscribers Trinity and her mother Rebecca (they’re jjang!) won an autographed album from Teen Top with their video submission to the Global Request Show: “A Song for You”. Watch their story along with Teen Top! (Note: Their story starts around 7:30.)

Minzy on SBS Gayo Daejun 2013

Get Minzy’s fashion from the end-of-the-year celebrity-filled musical show Gayo Daejun 2013, which aired on SBS last week.

Minzy wearing Acne pants on SBS Gayo Daejun 2013

What: Minzy’s Acne Skin 5 Black Foil Pants

Get It: Acne Studios

Minzy wearing VLADIMIRO GIOIA on SBS Gayo Daejun 2013

What: Minzy’s Vladimiro Gioia Crocodile Leather and Mink Fur Coat


Kyuhyun’s Knit Polka Dot Tie

Siwon and Kyuhyun looked sharp for their SPAO photo shoot for the Korean clothing brand’s Spring/Summer collection last year.  I know this collection is not their most recent, but it definitely is one of my favorites SPAO has had. I am so excited to shop this store because 1) their clothes are just awesome, and 2) the company has a deal with S.M. Entertainment and so uses their artists as models! Of course I want to wear outfits Girl’s Generation wore! Lol. I spotted (no pun intended) Kyuhyun’s polka dot tie here in this picture and thought to myself, “this could be cute on a guy or a girl!” Men can piece it together with dressy-casual pants and jacket like Kyu is wearing here, and sonyeo can wear it with a similar but more feminine horseback-riding type outfit, or a skirt to get the smart and cute private school student look.

Kyuhyun’s Blue Knit Tie with White Polka Dots

Get it:

What other ideas do you have for this tie?

Kpop Makeup Tutorial

Part of fashion is the makeup, right? In the vid above, Ana shows how to do your makeup like a Kpop star, so you can complete your Kpop fashion look.

Here is the list of products Ana used in her video:

Which hallyu star sports your favorite makeup look? Comment below!


Seohyun’s Incheon Airport Fashion

Seohyun is looking more like a woman! I can’t believe the brainy Girl’s Generation maknae is already 22 years old! (23 in Korean years!) She looked strong and feminine in her red and black airport attire, completing the look with an over-sized leopard clutch. See where you can get comparable clothes below.


  • Black Low Rise Skinny Jeans

Get it:


  • Red Chiffon Top

Get It:


  • Red Winter Coat

Get It:


  • Lace-Up Block-Heel Pumps

Get It:


  • Over-sized Leopard Clutch

Get It:

K-Drama Girl Problems

Meme of Eun Sang and the quote: K-Drama Girl Problems - All These Handsome Rich Boys Won't Leave Me Alone

Park Bom’s PAM Sweatshirt

Park Bom in Her PAM Shirt

Park Bom looked cozy in her gray sweatshirt with the word “PAM” printed in the style of comic book font. I love the timing of how I found this because Park Bom won our recent Female Hallyu Fashion Poll, and it’s a perfect stay-warm-inside-during-this-winter item! I hope you like it! :)


Park Bom’s PAM Sweatshirt

Get It: