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We love Kpop Merchandise! Here’s where I have collected the best places to get fan merchandise. I’ve looked around at a lot of places and know the ins and outs of the best and worst places to buy from. I’ll share with you my favorite kpop clothing store, where to get official fan merchandise like lightsticks and photocards, where to download music that counts toward the Korean charts, my favorite kpop online store in general, and more!

Browse the categories of our kpop shop and see where the best places are to get your fan gear.

Kpop Clothing Store – both Mens and Womens. What’s the best place to find Kpop clothing fashion online? Check out our top picks. Also, see our article exclusively about dresses in Korea.


Kpop Lightsticks – We have a whole page dedicated to lightsticks! Some of the new ones are really exciting as they are interactive! We’ve got some awesome videos on that page showcasing that. Special Pages: Full Review of EXO’s Version 2 Lightstick and Big Bang’s Version 4 Lightstick.


Kpop Accessories – Here’s we have a hodgepodge of all the kpop merchandise you can handle. These are the things that don’t really fit into any other category other than “accessories”. But, they include things like kpop keychains, photocards, photocard binders, notebooks, posters, backpack, keyboards, dolls, etc. Some of my favorites are of the bangtan boys.

kpop-backpacks kpop-dolls-plush-toys kpop-keychains kpop-notebooks kpop-photocards

Kpop Phone Cases and Tablet Covers – for iphone, samsung and others

Here’s a rundown on my favorite site to buy on of the most important kpop merchandise: phone cases. We have a whole other post about the EXO phone case. You take your phone everywhere with you, so it’s one fashion accessory that you can always count on to be with with. This is why I think it’s a great idea to have multiple cases so you can switch out when you feel like it. You can get a few different ones that you like and switch them out whenever you want!


Music -Where to legally buy music that officially counts toward the music charts. Not all music that you buy online, especially if you don’t pay for it, counts toward the Korean kpop music charts. So, if you’re trying really want to show love and appreciation to your favorite kpop stars, you’ll want to buy your music through the right channels. Otherwise, not only are they not getting compensated for their work, but the quality of their music is not being reflected in the charts and they’re not getting the recognition they deserve.

Food – where to buy authentic Korean food


Kpop Online Shop Phillipines, Malaysia, and UK

A note to our visitors from the Philippines, Malaysia and the UK.

Most of the places we have mentioned here will work for you if you are looking for a kpop online shop in the Philippines. Most of the stores offer shipping to the Philippines. Just in case it doesn’t we’ll mention it somewhere in the notes so you don’t waste time shopping on an online store that doesn’t ship to your country. But, again, if you’re looking for kpop merchandise Philippines, pretty much all the stores we mention will work fine you.

The same goes for those looking for a kpop shop Malaysia and UK for your fan merchandise.

You may also be interested in our article about where to buy your own hanbok. We’ve found a great resource for you. It’s a hanbok store that will custom make one for you! Check out our Korean dresses posts on Google+.

Kyuhyun’s Radio Star Korean Style

kyuhyun sweater on radio star koreaKyuhyun on Radio Star with Orange Pocket and Bow Tie Kyuhyun Fashion on Radio Star with White Jacket, Blue Polo, and Matching Bow Tie

Kyuhyun Radio Star Fashion

Congratulations, Kyuhyun! As of today, you are still the winner of our Male Hallyu Fashion Poll! Today, I’d like to make one more post on his fashion to commemorate his victory. :b

One thing I’m sure you’ve noticed if you watch Radio Star, is that MC Kyu definitely has a particular style when hosting this show. With his sport coats, cardigans, and many bow ties, I’d call it “cute gentleman”.

The following list contains some of my favorite Radio Star Kyu-ish fashion items I found online.

Bow Ties:



Share your favorite Kyuhyun looks in the comment section!

Look out soon for our Female Hallyu Fashion Poll, and be sure to cast your vote!

For more Kpop Fashion finds like this one, see our home page feed – or our Google plus where you can see where to buy Korean dresses and outfits.

We hope you have enjoyed our posts so far. We’re going to keep bringing you the latest in Korean fashion and the kpop world. This includes Korean TV shows like Radio star and more. The Korean entertainment industry so so interrelated and they all work together synergistically.

Kpop Artists Do All The Shows

For example, can you image a kpop song coming out without a video? Crazy, right? What about BTS releasing an album without appearing on any reality shows or going on tour? That would be nuts. They go on TV shows, do concerts, go on radio shows, do fan meetings, etc, etc. They know that it’s not just about the music. It’s about the relationship of the fans with them. The fans want to see them in all different contexts and get to know them as real human beings, not just kpop idols on the screen.

When they bring all these things together, they develop an enthusiastic fandom.

What about EXO? Can you imagine not being able to buy any merchandise, or watch their music videos? That would be far less enjoyable. I’m glad they do the whole package and go on all the shows. This gives us all a chance to get to know them as people, which is a lot more fun. I think a big problem with american pop is that they don’t show as much and we don’t think of them as “real” people anymore.

This is why I think that so many kpop artists can cross over into other things like acting and vice versa. They’re real people who maybe want to sing, maybe want to act, maybe want to do other things. In America, it seems much harder as people want to pigeon hole you.

Can you imagine Brad Pitt releasing a music album and how much flack he would get? Whereas superstars like So Ji Sub in Korea releases albums, poetry, etc, all because they seem to understand more that he’s a human being with many interests and talents, not just acting.

See this post for more outfits and dress styles from Korea.


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