Apink’s NoNoNo Baseball Tops


Apink NoNoNo Performance Outfits

Image Source: 24.media.tumblr.com

Our most posted about girl group is back with more must-have NoNoNo fashion. I received a request for the above baseball-jacket-type tops that they wore in the official video. Searching proved a little difficult, these shirts are quite the unique item! But I did find one somewhat similar jacket at this link. I hope you like it! Thank you again for your request, you know who you are. :)

You have to love how this outfit combines feminine lace with sporty A print baseball jacket korea style. The cute shorts from the music video put together with the white wedge sneakers finish it off nicely. (You can see a post I previously made on the shorts here, and a post on the sneakers here.)

We’ve seen  a lot of Apink on the blog, and I’m sure their will be more posts on this style-sensible group in the future. What other girl groups or artists would you like to see featured?

Apink NoNoNo Fashion

I loved Apink’s new video for their song NoNoNo! The song is off a brand new mini album called Secret Garden, and is currently all the way up to number 7 on the Korea K-pop Hot 100 chart. The girls wore cute and summery fashion for the video, and after much scouting around, I found similar looks you can buy online. Check them out below.


The Look: Light Pink Platform Converse Sneakers

Get One Like It: Maxstar



The Look: Navy blue polka dot shorts.

Get One Like It:  Forever 21 or Vanity Row



The Look: Gray and White Striped Shorts

Get One Like It: BQUEEN or Forever 21 in Denim and White, or Black and Cream


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