Cute Bow Headbands

Apink in Cute Hair Accessories
IU in a Cute Bow Headband from My Heart Beating by KWill Kaeun in Dal Shabet Promotion with a Star and Disco Ball

Subin Singing in a Blue Bow Headwrap

From top to bottom: APink, IU, Kaeun of Dal Shabet, and Subin of After School.

A common accessory in the world of Kpop fashion is the bunny ear or bow headband or hair wrap. Very popular among young Korean women, they’re viewed as cute and feminine on that side of the world. Think you can pull it off like the stars above? Of course you can! If you want to look Kpop pretty, check out my top ten picks I’ve listed below.

My Top 10 Sexy and Sweet Headbands

Dotty Bow Headband on Model Emma from To February



What: Dotty Bow Headband




Price: $15






City Hunter Headband What: City Hunter Bunny Ears Accessory


Where:  Amazon


Price: $15.29




Assorted Cute Wire Headband Bundle

What: Assorted Cute Wired Headband Bundle

Where: Amazon

Price: $10.50 (Plus Free Shipping and Free Returns!)



Cotton Wired Bow Head WrapWhat: Cotton Wired Bow Head Wrap

Where: Amazon

Price: $8.90 (Only 16 left in stock!)


Red Polka Dot Wire Rabbit Ears

What: Red Polka Dot Wire Rabbit Ears

Where: Amazon

Price: $7.99



Dotted Rabbit Ear Chiffon HeadbandWhat: Dotted Rabbit Ear Chiffon Headband

Where: Amazon

Price: $5.99


Cute Ribbon Chiffon HeadbandWhat: Cute Ribbon Chiffon Headband

Where: Amazon

Price: $5.99


Rabbit Ear Dotted HeadbandWhat: Rabbit Ear Dotted Headband

Where: Amazon

Price: $5.97 (Only 7 left!)


Mint Polka Dot Headband from Forever 21


What: Mint and White Polka Dot Head Wrap (Also available in Watermelon)


Where: Forever 21


Price: $3.80





Navy Blue Polka Dot Head Wrap from Forever 21



What: Knotted Polka Dot Head Wrap


Where: Forever 21


Price: $2.80






Image Sources from top to bottom: APink –, IU –, Kaeun –, Subin –

Jessica’s Look from Love&Girls

World known South Korean girl group Girl’s Generation recently performed their new song “Love&Girls” at Universal Studios in Tokyo. (Watch below.) I noticed Jessica wearing her pink skinny pants again. I own a similar pair and love them. They’re playful, fitted, and surprisingly comfortable! Jessica must love hers too, because not only does she wear them here, she sports them in the official music video for “Love&Girls”, and uses them in some live performances of “I Got a Boy”. (Comment if you’ve spotted them elsewhere, too!) Get your own pair of these versatile cuties at the link below.

Did you like Jessica’s polka dot top from the official video, too? It seems the shirt is from Topshop, but I was unable to find it availabe for purchase anywhere anymore. But don’t worry, I’ve posted a similar polka dot crop top below.

The Look: Pink Skinny Pants

Get One Similar: Amazon


The Look: White Crop Top with Black Polka Dots

Get One Similar: ARK

Apink NoNoNo Fashion

I loved Apink’s new video for their song NoNoNo! The song is off a brand new mini album called Secret Garden, and is currently all the way up to number 7 on the Korea K-pop Hot 100 chart. The girls wore cute and summery fashion for the video, and after much scouting around, I found similar looks you can buy online. Check them out below.


The Look: Light Pink Platform Converse Sneakers

Get One Like It: Maxstar



The Look: Navy blue polka dot shorts.

Get One Like It:  Forever 21 or Vanity Row



The Look: Gray and White Striped Shorts

Get One Like It: BQUEEN or Forever 21 in Denim and White, or Black and Cream


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