Apink’s NoNoNo Baseball Tops


Apink NoNoNo Performance Outfits

Image Source: 24.media.tumblr.com

Our most posted about girl group is back with more must-have NoNoNo fashion. I received a request for the above baseball-jacket-type tops that they wore in the official video. Searching proved a little difficult, these shirts are quite the unique item! But I did find one somewhat similar jacket at this link. I hope you like it! Thank you again for your request, you know who you are. :)

You have to love how this outfit combines feminine lace with sporty A print baseball jacket korea style. The cute shorts from the music video put together with the white wedge sneakers finish it off nicely. (You can see a post I previously made on the shorts here, and a post on the sneakers here.)

We’ve seen  a lot of Apink on the blog, and I’m sure their will be more posts on this style-sensible group in the future. What other girl groups or artists would you like to see featured?

Girl’s Generation Galaxy Supernova Style

Girl’s Generation is back with their brand new dance version video for their eighth Japanese single, Galaxy Supernova! The girls’ colored skinny jeans remind you of their early “Gee” looks, and more recent malt shop setting song “Dancing Queen”, but the silver heels and sparkling crop tops, and futuristic short sleeved jackets remind you that this song has a space-age name. In other parts of the video, the women wore colorful metallic cocktail dresses with what looked like little silver crinolines on top.

Which of the two looks aligns most with your stellar style?

Official Dance Version of Sunshine by Rainbow

Enjoy the official dance version of Rainbow’s “Sunshine”! I love their sporty layered crop tanks and white tutu skirts! Slip on some white wedge sneakers, too, and your’e set to dance along. :b

Do you prefer dance or original versions of most Kpop videos?

6/6/14 Update:

After receiving another request related to this song, I decided to try hunting for the fashion from this dance version again. Here’s what I found that you could substitute for Rainbow’s items.

Crop Top: Bella Flowy Tank (Updated find 11/1/15 since the previous items sold all out!)
You could add a red tank underneath, or sew some red trim, and add an iron-on number and you’d really be “Sunshine” similar!

White Tutu Skirt: Ali Express 3-Layer Organza Skirt

Apink’s NoNoNo Stage Shoes

After a stellar live performance of NoNoNo by Korean girl group Apink, I received a request for the brand of shoes they were wearing. Although I couldn’t find the exact label, I did find some wedge sneakers that resembled Apink’s stage shoes. I hope you like them, and thank you for your request!

What: White Wedge Sneakers

Find It:


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