Sunny’s Nike Event Outfit

Sunny's korean style outfit

Sports brand name Nike put together a feature for its Tech Pack items on September 24th at Seoul’s Jangchoong-dong Shilla Hotel, and welcomed a few of the most popular superstars to take part in the occasion.

From singers to acting stars, professional models, and sporting activities superstars, Nike’s presentation had a lot of big stars of the show business. Such celebs consisted of Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Sunny, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang, Running Man’s Song Ji Hyo, and much more! See your favorite artists’ kpop lightsticks.

While some celebrities opted to spruce up in elegant outfits, numerous stars took a much more hip-hop method with several of the trendiest relaxed street/sport fashion items, and, naturally, the most popular Nike products.

Check out Sunny’s get-up above, and buy similar items below!

G-Dragon’s Goodbye Stage Sweater

G-Dragon performed his last Mnet M! Countdown  promotion performance for his Coup D’ Etat album this month. Among his wintry wear was the striped mohair sweater you see below from Saint Laurent. Mohair comes from the luminous, soft coat of the Angora goat. Although the high quality of this Italian-made sweater is appealing, it’s not the most wallet-friendly purchase, so also I found an alternative. You can see it below, as well.

Saint Laurent Black Striped Oversize Mohair Sweater


CiChic Black Striped Loose Knit Sweater

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