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Check out the Super Junior Boyfriend Quiz!

Cute Super Junior Wallpaper

Which member of Super Junior is most like your ideal boyfriend? Take the quiz here!

I took it by answering questions according to what I think Oppa is like, and he is most like Leeteuk! ^^~ Then I had him take it and answer the questions according to how he views himself. He ended up getting Eunhyuk, which I also agree with! ^^~ It’s perfect, because we both love Teukie and Eunhyuk!!

Let me know your results in this post’s comment section!

Yoona’s Blouse on the Prime Minister and I

Have you been watching The Prime Minister and I? The last episode was scheduled to air in Korea last night! SNSD’s very own “face”, Im Yoona, starred in this clever romantic comedy. In the recent episode 6, we see Yoona wearing this star-studded blouse, which you can get from! What do you think of Yoona’s fashion on this drama? Let us know in the comment section!

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Rebecca Minkoff ‘Amanda’ Blouse
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