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In my City or Country post, I mentioned a product that’s from Paris Coming. As a thank you, they’d like to offer my readers 15% off their next purchase! Just use the code Kpop. It expires May 17th. Also, they ship for free to any location in the world!

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Exo-M Metal Collar Tips

Exo-M will soon announce a release date for their second mini album entitled “Overdose”. Are you excited as I am? :P Click here to enjoy a highlight medley video that SM released just days ago, and admire how great the boys are looking (and also get a preview of their music. ;P) Then, check out this blog post I found on how to make your own metal collar tips, similar to the ones in this screenshot from the highlight vid. They can jazz up any shirt you already own, and it’s a fun project to do with friends or family. :) Make sure to listen to Exo while making! ^^ See exo official lightstick price and other EXO merchandise in our new articles all about them!

City or Country?

What’s Your Style?

2Yoon in their video for 24/7

2Yoon in 24/7 | Image Source:

SNSD Performing Hoot in Cowgirl OutfitsSNSD performing Hoot | Image Source:


4Minute | Image Source:

SNSD | Image Source:

Or City Sleek?

This month has been a big month for me! I arrived home from a trip to Costa Rica with my family (an adventure!), unpacking and then packing again to move into our new home! Oppa and I left our little cabin on the outskirts of town to move into a house in the city, where we’ll live for the next few months or so. Whew!

It’s been an exciting time, though, this is the first time we’ve moved since we’ve been married! Urban life is different from rural living, and though I was homesick for the first couple of days, I’m enjoying the change! I realized I like both environments. Connecting this to fashion, I also like both Korean clothing styles. While K-pop goes back in time with the ever-fashionable hanbok, it hasn’t often “gone country”, but I did find a few examples. (See above!) And of course, there are plenty of city style outfits to choose from! Which style do you prefer? Tell us why!

Want to buy this Korean clothing online? Well, If you favor…

Country Clothing



SNSD’s Cowgirl Style:
– White Cowgirl Hat
– Red Western Shirt
– Blue Western Shirt
– White Shorts
– Tan Fringed Boots

City Clothing


4Minute’s Love Tension Look:
– Puff Sleeved Button Up Top
– Blue Sleeveless Top
– Beige High Waist Shorts
– Glossy Mary Jane Heels


– Khaki Trench Coat
– Brown Skirt
– J.ESTINA Backpack
– Lace Up Ankle Boots

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