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Learn Korean with Kpop

When you learn Korean you get a lot more out of the music, which is why I started learning it. The language is very contextual so it’s pretty fun and relatively simple to learn. Yes, there are honorifics and formal vs informal speech. But, the grammar is really simple because tit was designed the be simple. In English there are so extra words used to describe the relationships of different words to each other. In Korean, the language uses mostly context to explain meaning of the sentence. This make for a much simpler grammatical structure that is pretty easy to learn.

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Learning To Speak Korean Helps Get More Out of Korean Dramas

Also, when watching Kdramas it is really useful. While the subtitles are great, once you start to learn the language you see how the subtitles. When you start to learn the language you see how the subtitles don’t always convey the entire meaning of what is being said. The subtitles are incredibly useful, but you’ll get a lot more out of the drama when you understand the specific words used. The cultural differences also influence the word usage.

Knowing the culture a little bit makes the drama make a lot more sense. For example, when a girl calls a boy older than her “oppa” that can be significant. If that boy is her real brother then it might not mean anything. But when a girl calls a boy that she likes “oppa” she is verbally trying to be closer to him. If you were to translate that, it would just say older brother. But once you know what it really means and the significance in the culture, oppa has a much bigger meaning depending on the context.

This is just one example of how knowing the Korean language better give what is being said a lot more depth and make the dramas more enjoyable to watch.

How to Learn Korean Faster

If you want to learn Korean faster, I suggest that you try out a program for it. You can pick stuff up on your own with dramas and kpop, but if you really want to make progress it’s a good idea to try a program like Korean Class 101.

They’ll help you by starting with the basics of what you want to know and help you grow from there. It’s a really good idea to just get started with the Korean lessons right away. you would be amazed at how much faster you learn. When you have a structured system that explains it to you and breaks it down into its simplest components it makes it so much easier.

You know how you hear the same phrases over and over again in kpop songs, like saranghae, ottokae, and all those common expressions? Well, when you learn the building blocks of those words you’ll be able to put them together in different ways. Then you’ll be able to recognize more and more words as you watch dramas and listen to kpop.

Think about how many words you recognize now. As you start to learn the building blocks of the words you’ll double or triple your learning speed because you’ll be able to not only recognize phrases that you hear over and over, but you will be able to put the pieces of words together. You can mix and match them and understand what they mean.

For example, imagine trying to learn the English language without knowing the alphabet. You definitely could. There are plenty who learn to speak English language just fine without being able to read or write. But think about how long it takes someone to lean a language by having to memorize words and phrases rather than looking at what the letters of the alphabet are. Again, you could do it. But it would take you a lot longer.

If you learn the alphabet, which consists of the components of words, then you know what the individual building blocks of the words are. Then, you can learn to put them together to make other words. You will learn the language a whole last faster because you know and understand the building blocks. The difference is understanding vs memorizing.

When you understand you can use knowledge like building blocks. With memorization, you can only repeat back what you have heard exactly. It’s like a child learning to talk vs a parrot. The child learns and understands how to put words together. A parrot just knows how to repeat. Again, this is the difference between memorization and understanding. It’s like trying to learn korean fashion without knowing what a shirt is.

I hope my little explanation helps, rather than confuses :)

If you’ve already tried it, let me know on my blogger.

But anyway, if you want to learn some korean you can do it for free, so you really have nothing to lose.


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