G-Dragon’s Crayon Sunglasses

Last year’s “Crayon” is still my favorite G-Dragon song. If you need a boost of energy, just blast this song, it never fails! G-Dragon rocked a lot of crazy, colorful styles in his video for “Crayon”, but for this Find, we’ll focus in on a couple pairs of wild shades! He wore two pairs of Brodie Sunglasses by Neff, pictured below. First we saw him with the white pair, and then with the static. He’s worn them during performances, and other activities as well. They’re still available in stores online, and you can get them here! Get your sunglasses, and then get your crayon!

G-Dragon in Crayon wearing Neff white Brodie Sunglasses

G-Dragon in Crayon wearing Neff static Brodie Sunglasses

G-Dragon with Neff White Brodie Sunglasses

G-Dragon Performing with Neff Brodie Static Sunglasses

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