Seoul Fashion Week: Tiffany

tiffany wearing a korean style trenchcoat at seoul fashion week

The lovely Tiffany (who is now publicly dating Nichkhun of 2PM! Congrats KhunFany!) attended Seoul Fashion Week March 24th where the Fall/Winter collections of celebrity designers Steve J and Yoni P were showcased. It’s a beautiful coat that really steal the show. I like how it’s very light and airy so you won’t get too hot wearing it. I found the above floral trench Fany is wearing in the designers’ Korean shop online, listed below.

Seoul Fashion Week is a big event were huge stars come from all over Asia. The biggest names in music come to show our their fashion here every year and this year is no different! You see members of the hottest bands like EXO wearing the latest fashion there.

What: Flower Embroidered Trench Coat

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Sunny’s Nike Event Outfit

Sunny's korean style outfit

Sports brand name Nike put together a feature for its Tech Pack items on September 24th at Seoul’s Jangchoong-dong Shilla Hotel, and welcomed a few of the most popular superstars to take part in the occasion.

From singers to acting stars, professional models, and sporting activities superstars, Nike’s presentation had a lot of big stars of the show business. Such celebs consisted of Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Sunny, Big Bang‘s G-Dragon and Taeyang, Running Man’s Song Ji Hyo, and much more! See your favorite artists’ kpop lightsticks.

While some celebrities opted to spruce up in elegant outfits, numerous stars took a much more hip-hop method with several of the trendiest relaxed street/sport fashion items, and, naturally, the most popular Nike products.

Check out Sunny’s get-up above, and buy similar items below!

Kpop Nature+ Fashion Show in Jeju

Kpop Nature+ Fashion Show in Jeju featuring Kai and Chanyeol from Exo, and Jinwoon from 2AM. EXO Lightstick 2016

The Kpop Nature+ Concert in Jeju last September was arranged by the IUCN World Conservation Congress. The beautiful island off the southern tip of South Korea was an ideal place for a concert and fashion show for raising appreciation for the earth’s environment. A celebration of the hosting of the Conservation Congress in Jeju, The K-ECO Fashion Concert roused Kpop fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. Renowned designer Lie Sang Bong was the mastermind of the fashion for the evening. The runway wardrobe was crafted with eco-friendly materials and production methods, as were the outfits of the hallyu star performers of the night.

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