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Apink Mr. Chu mv in cute dresses
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Mr Chu Kpop MV Outfits

I received a request on the Kpop Fashion Facebook page for Bomi’s outfits in Mr. Chu. Their looks are all so lovable! I decided to focus on the outfit with the pink dress that Bomi wore in the shot above. Boy was it hard to find something similar! >_< ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I love how each of the girl’s outfit are a little different in these part of the video.

Bomi’s stylist did a very nice job with her dress, I love the detailed lace collar and scarf attachment, as well as the almost body-con style accents on the sides of the dress. Here is what I found to help you get a Bomi Mr. Chu look:

  • Sequin Petite Prom Dress

The next one is simple, but it would be easy to dress up. You could apply some yellow, pink, and white floral fabric detail and it’d look close!

  • Hot Pink Minimalist Dress

Here’s a scarf to go with it!

  • Pink Floral Scarf

Don’t forget the feet! ~^^

  • Short Lace Socks

– Nude

– Green

  • Slim Pink & White Floral Vans

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoy recreating your own A Pink outfit like Bomi. I enjoyed writing this post a lot. Apink is one of my favorite Korean groups. Mr Chu is a cute video and I love their outfits.\

Here’s the original Mr Chu Video

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