Apink’s Loafers in Mr. Chu


Kpop Shoes – Mr Chu Black and White Loafers

Hi all! I mentioned in our last post that Michelle and I would be posting a reaction video to Apink’s Mr. Chu. Sadly, the audio for the video was not…well, audible! But, I will still be posting on it here and now!

Mini Repon sent us a request for the black and white shoes the members were wearing inside the box on the official mv. So, I’ve hunted down some look-alikes. I know this is a hot look right now with kpop dresses, because I had found more options the other week when searching, but today when I re-visited the links they had been sold out! You might want to snatch up these following options while they’re still available!

<3 Janelle

Kpop Fashion Item:

Apink‘s Black and White Loafers

Where to Buy It:

Sadie Penny Loafers


White Cleated Sole Shoes

Here is the offical Mr Chu video by Apink.

We are always posting new content to show off the latest in Korean pop fashion. Apink just happens to be one of my favorite Korean girls groups, as well as many of my followers. So, you can expect to find plenty of Apink fashion and clothes here.

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