Teen Top in Elle Girl

What: L. Joe’s White BSQT High Tops
Get It: ebay

What: L. Joe’s Black BSQT High Tops
Get It: ebay

As far as I know, the above items are the exact models L. Joe wore in the Elle Girl photo shoot.
Below, I’ve listed some similar items to what Chunji wore so you can achieve a look with a like feel.

What: Chunji’s Gray Hooded Coat
Close Item: ebay

What: Chunji’s Soiled-Look White Pants
Close Item: Farfetch

2 thoughts on “Teen Top in Elle Girl

  1. Glenn Abadilla

    I’m glad I found your site. I find your article useful because it shows places where we can buy the outfit from. Well done and I hope I can see more articles like this in the future.

    Long live KPOP! ^.^


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