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2017 Kpop Fashion Awards Winners

We have picked our winners for 2017 for all your favorite categories! While there are many great places to find Kpop fashion and the latest Korean styles online, we’ve gone through them all and selected the best of the best.

See the winners below:


The winner for best women’s kpop fashion 2017 is… Yesstyle.com!

  • yes style kpop

While there are some great stores out there, none of them compare to YesStyle’s selection and the amazing deals they offer. They feature flash sales of up to 80% off. With a fantastic selection of Korean fashion, you can be sure that if you’ve seen your favorite kpop star wear it, you’ll find it on this site.

Congratulations YesStyle! And, thank you for always having the Korean fashion we’re looking for.

To see their current selection and deals, visit YesStyle’s womens Korean fashion selection here: Best Women’s Kpop Fashion: YesStyle



The winner for best women’s kpop fashion 2017 is… Yesstyle!

So, both men’s and womens? YesStyle garners the women’s and men’s top picks this year for a reason. Here’s the scoop:

You can find men’s fashion a lot of places online, but nowhere has the quality and satisfaction guarantee that Yesstyle does.

Just take a look at the reviews of the products. 4.5 stars out of 5 for 163 reviews for the WIZIKOREA hooded pullover. There are many imitations of this awesome jacket online, but Yesstyle brings it to you with fantastic quality at a reasonable price of $33.  This is just one example of how they go above and beyond in terms of quality.

Besides that, the vast selection provides more than enough choices for even the most avid kpop fashion fans.

To see their current hottest items visit their men’s kpop fashion selection here: Best Men’s Kpop Fashion: YesStyle


The winner for the best of Korean beauty goes to… Amazon.com!

Since Amazon sells so many things, we’ve found that this has drawn the attention of many sellers of Korean beauty products. You can find authentic Korean beauty items on Amazon that you won’t find anywhere else. Combine that with Prime membership (which is $100, but they let you try for 3 months free) and you have your one-stop-shop for your Korean beauty needs.

korean-beautyBut, you can read more about this in one of our previous articles: Kpopfashion.net – Best of Korean Beauty. In this article we go over some of our top beauty picks including skin care, makeup, and hair care. These are all authentic Korean products available to you on Amazon.




Our 2017 winner for best place to get kpop light sticks… YesAsia! Read our article here for more details.


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The 2017 winner for best jewelry from kpop and korean dramas… eBay!


Korean Drama Jewelry


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