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Exo-M Metal Collar Tips

Exo-M will soon announce a release date for their second mini album entitled “Overdose”. Are you excited as I am? :P Click here to enjoy a highlight medley video that SM released just days ago, and admire how great the boys are looking (and also get a preview of their music. ;P) Then, check out this blog post I found on how to make your own metal collar tips, similar to the ones in this screenshot from the highlight vid. They can jazz up any shirt you already own, and it’s a fun project to do with friends or family. :) Make sure to listen to Exo while making! ^^ See exo official lightstick price and other EXO merchandise in our new articles all about them!

Teen Top in Elle Girl

What: L. Joe’s White BSQT High Tops
Get It: ebay

What: L. Joe’s Black BSQT High Tops
Get It: ebay

As far as I know, the above items are the exact models L. Joe wore in the Elle Girl photo shoot.
Below, I’ve listed some similar items to what Chunji wore so you can achieve a look with a like feel.

What: Chunji’s Gray Hooded Coat
Close Item: ebay

What: Chunji’s Soiled-Look White Pants
Close Item: Farfetch

Kyuhyun’s Knit Polka Dot Tie

Siwon and Kyuhyun looked sharp for their SPAO photo shoot for the Korean clothing brand’s Spring/Summer collection last year.  I know this collection is not their most recent, but it definitely is one of my favorites SPAO has had. I am so excited to shop this store because 1) their clothes are just awesome, and 2) the company has a deal with S.M. Entertainment and so uses their artists as models! Of course I want to wear outfits Girl’s Generation wore! Lol. I spotted (no pun intended) Kyuhyun’s polka dot tie here in this picture and thought to myself, “this could be cute on a guy or a girl!” Men can piece it together with dressy-casual pants and jacket like Kyu is wearing here, and sonyeo can wear it with a similar but more feminine horseback-riding type outfit, or a skirt to get the smart and cute private school student look.

Kyuhyun’s Blue Knit Tie with White Polka Dots

Get it:

What other ideas do you have for this tie?

G-Dragon’s Goodbye Stage Sweater

G-Dragon performed his last Mnet M! Countdown  promotion performance for his Coup D’ Etat album this month. Among his wintry wear was the striped mohair sweater you see below from Saint Laurent. Mohair comes from the luminous, soft coat of the Angora goat. Although the high quality of this Italian-made sweater is appealing, it’s not the most wallet-friendly purchase, so also I found an alternative. You can see it below, as well.

Saint Laurent Black Striped Oversize Mohair Sweater






















CiChic Black Striped Loose Knit Sweater


Let’s Talk: Super Junior’s Style

Let’s talk about the style of Super Junior, the “Kings of the Hallyu Wave!”

Sorry about all the “um”s and “and”s. This was my first video and I wasn’t going off of a script except for the one in my head! I hope you enjoy it!

As promised in the video, here are some fashion items I found that are similar to Super Junior’s style.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve seen Suju wear?

Baekhyun and Suho Fan Signing Fashion

Exo-K’s Baekhyun and Suho wore similar tops to a fan signing event last June in Gwanghwamun and Bundang. Baekhyun’s white tank contained a grid of colorful blocks featuring the faces of the members of Exo-K, while Suho wore a white t-shirt with a like design featuring the faces of Exo-M. Love ‘em? You can get both shirts here!

G-Dragon’s Crayon Sunglasses

Last year’s “Crayon” is still my favorite G-Dragon song. If you need a boost of energy, just blast this song, it never fails! G-Dragon rocked a lot of crazy, colorful styles in his video for “Crayon”, but for this Find, we’ll focus in on a couple pairs of wild shades! He wore two pairs of Brodie Sunglasses by Neff, pictured below. First we saw him with the white pair, and then with the static. He’s worn them during performances, and other activities as well. They’re still available in stores online, and you can get them here! Get your sunglasses, and then get your crayon!

G-Dragon in Crayon wearing Neff white Brodie Sunglasses

G-Dragon in Crayon wearing Neff static Brodie Sunglasses

G-Dragon with Neff White Brodie Sunglasses

G-Dragon Performing with Neff Brodie Static Sunglasses

Teen Top’s Walk By Fashion

One of our awesome readers recently shared the above performance video, and was wondering where you could find the monster tops L.Joe and Ricky were wearing. It turns out they’re from Daniel Palillo, and you can find them below. In searching, I also came across Changjo’s top, so I went ahead and listed it as well for anyone interested. It’s actually a dress! But as Changjo showed, it can double as a guy shirt, and it looks great!

L.Joe: Daniel Palillo Three Eyed Monster Oversized T-Shirt

Ricky: Daniel Palillo Screaming Monster Hoodie

Changjo: Daniel Palillo Melted Spike Dress (or shirt :P)

Which Teen Top member is wearing your favorite outfit?

Kyuhyun’s Radio Star Style

Kyuhyun on Radio Star with Orange Pocket Kyuhyun on Radio Star with White Jacket

Congratulations, Kyuhyun! As of today, you are still the winner of our Male Hallyu Fashion Poll! Today, I’d like to make one more post on his fashion to commemorate his victory. :b

One thing I’m sure you’ve noticed if you watch Radio Star, is that MC Kyu definitely has a particular style when hosting this show. With his sport coats, cardigans, and many bow ties, I’d call it “cute gentleman”.

The following list contains some of my favorite Radio Star Kyu-ish fashion items I found online.

Bow Ties:



Share your favorite Kyuhyun looks in the comment section!

Look out soon for our Female Hallyu Fashion Poll, and be sure to cast your vote!