Apink’s NoNoNo Stage Shoes

After a stellar live performance of NoNoNo by Korean girl group Apink, I received a request for the brand of shoes they were wearing. Although I couldn’t find the exact label, I did find some wedge sneakers that resembled Apink’s stage shoes. I hope you like them, and thank you for your request!

What: White Wedge Sneakers

Find It:


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11 thoughts on “Apink’s NoNoNo Stage Shoes

      1. Janelle Post author

        Hi Seunghee,

        Thanks for the tip! I believe those are the shoes they wore in the official video for NoNoNo. Great find!

        In the performance I mentioned in this post their shoes were white, but before you commented the video shared with me that I posted here was taken down from Youtube. I’ve posted a new one so you can see them.

        But again, the shoes Seunghee shared with us are the shoes for the official video if anyone has been looking for these. ^^

  1. Janelle Post author

    Hi tangkwa,

    Thank you for your question!

    I researched some more, but I still am not sure what brand they were wearing. It looks like Converse All Star, or maybe even Tenwood, which is made in Korea. If you click on the links in the post, you can see shoes from both these brands. :)

    1. Janelle Post author

      Hi Joey,

      Thanks for your question! Those were cute! They look like light pink glossy ankle boots that include laces as well as a strap with a buckle. I looked around a lot, but I didn’t find them anywhere. The brand could be Tenwood, but I’m not sure. I’ll keep an eye out. Let me know if you come across them!

      Has anyone else seen these shoes or ones like them?

    1. Janelle Post author

      Hi Jade!

      Thanks for your request! It looks like they’re wearing something like white loafers with chunky heels and ribbon laces. I didn’t find the exact shoes they’re wearing, but I will be posting some similar pairs in a future post on Apink’s new video for “Mr. Chu”. Look out for it! :)

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